Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal chef, what is it that you do:

I will come to your home with my own cookware, to cook food in your kitchen. I will provide the food and serve you and your guests.

Do you do Deliver:

No. As a personal chef I will come to your home and cook the food for you there.

Do you bring cooking equipment:

Yes. All I need from a client and a clients kitchen is enough working space and a working stove and oven.

Do you use any of my dishes:

Yes, I will, but not without permission. Having extra things at hand is helpful though mostly not needed.

will you cater to people with certain food ALLERGIES:

I am very willing to work with clients and their allergies. I want as many people as possible to enjoy my delicious food!  

How far are you willing to go:

I am based out of the town of Bradford Vermont, and am willing to travel in a 30 mile radius for smaller home functions (area includes Hanover, Fairlee, White River Junction, and Saint Johnsbury)  . I will go further for larger events.

Is there any other services that you provide:

Yes, I am willing to provide some knife sharpening services for people and their cooking cutlery. Also, I can provide hors d'oeuvres for corporate functions or provide cooking at larger private BBQ events.