Classes in your home

I have always enjoyed teaching people coming, showing them new things. This is a great way to continue that passion for teaching, coming to your home and showing and giving you the opportunity to brush up and learn new things. All food is provided and you will be cooking as well



We will go over simple knife skills, we will use the the vegetables we practiced on to go through the process of how to make proper French omelets and and a simple vegetable soup. 


In this class we will go over the safe handling of several types of meats, We will also go over simple butchery skills and techniques of how to prepare the meat for cooking. Then we will go over how to sear a steak and when meats are done, allowing you to have more confidence in the kitchen.


A skill that can be used on special occasions to impress guests, we will learn the basics of how make fresh pasta dough with flavors of your choice. We will roll it out, cut it then learn to shape and mold tortellini and ravioli, stuffed with flavors of your choice from butternut squash to chicken walnut and olives.


A favorite of many people who don't love dessert. Dessert were my teacher in Scotland was truly passionate about and I would like the chance to share some of that passion with you. Here are some of the many options available: Creme Brulee, Panna Cotta, Chocolate Torte, Tiramisu , Strawberry Mille Feuille, Flowerless Chocolate Cake for a gluten free option. In this class, we can also go over how to make several pastries of your choice from danish dough to Brioche.   


Explore International cuisine, examples are French, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, and even Scottish the food from the very land in where I went to school.